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Find a collection of our Gen0 Chibis below. Generation 0 will always be prestine and look like what you see below. Only face and weapon will change.

To get the really quirky funny looking Chibis you have to create a Gen1+ Chibi. Either in the Fusion Lab with another Chibi, or by buying one on RareBits or OpenSea.

Please respect our copyright, this art is exclusive to Chibis where applicable

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

These are Chibis that are an exception for the Chibi generator. They still qualify as a normal Chibi, but will have some bodily feature that requires special treatment.

Chibi 0 Chibi 8 Chibi 42

Normal Chibis[edit | edit source]

Your average John Doe, except that any Chibi will punch you straight in the face for calling them average. Chibis are very proud of being unique.

Chibi 1 Chibi 2 Chibi 3 Chibi 5 Chibi 6 Chibi 7 Chibi 9 Chibi 10 Chibi 11 Chibi 12 Chibi 13 Chibi 15 Chibi 16 Chibi 18 Chibi 20 Chibi 21 Chibi 22 Chibi 23 Chibi 24 Chibi 25 Chibi 28 Chibi 29

Half face[edit | edit source]

Chibis that have a big bushy beard or are otherwise special in their lower facial half.

Chibi 14 Chibi 19 Chibi 40 Chibi 41

Masked Chibis[edit | edit source]

Those Chibis are a bit shy and hide behind a mask. Don't underestimate their power though.

Chibi 4 Chibi 17 Chibi 26 Chibi 27

Special Chibis[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests, they are speshialll, or as we like to call them, adorable unique Chibis that are most of the times boss monsters are other rare kinds.

Lizard People Lizard Pet Minotaur Squid Avatar Stomper Pumpkinhead Frankie